Wondering what I'm up to now? 

As Pocahontas once sang, "the water's always changing, always flowing."

Here's the current state of the river:

What am I doing?

I'm living in Little Rock, AR, so most of you have no idea where I am. Or you're also here. I happened to be born here which seemed a random a reason as any to come live here for awhile.

I just bought a house and am renovating it. Eventually I'll post about it and when I do I'll link it here.

I'm in the process of bringing Effective Altruism to Little Rock, but the exact plan is still with the muses.

If you'd like to connect on a project, ask a question, or just say hi, you can always email me whatever you like at turnercmonroe@gmail.com

Listening to: Science VS

Science VS is a podcast from Gimlet Media that tackles issues from gun control to meditation by looking at the science instead of the news. I find it does a great job at looking at what facts we actually have instead of spinning a narrative. Plus it's very entertaining in a way only an Aussie host could be. Keep an open mind and the science might supprise you!



Dumb thoughts: